Darıca, the name of the beach, 200 m. In the north, today is a sign of surviving Darıca fortress.
Against the assault from outside the Byzantine era, the castle is used as a stronghold of the world's earliest name withheld "TARARİON known as". This castle was later "TORİCİON referred to as". Ancient Byzantine period, the term "BİTHYNİESİNE" provided at special importance. During this period, the city and the church organization in a way connected to each other, according to the severity of the way the organization listed in the list of churches in the city and Darıca, "KALOS AGROS" referred to by name. Danca'nın (1329) by the Turks at the battle of Pelekonon the time until the expiration of the period of the Republic of native Cypriots Darıca sitting here, "ARECU" has been called by name. Evliya Çelebi Seyehatnamesinde Danca'dan "DAR UCA as" mentions. Republican period, "DARUCA" was the name of the current language of the people DARICA isimlendirilerek form.
HISTORY DARICA: M. Izmit Izmit Bay. Ö. XII st-century in the early tribes of Greek origin, infested, with the invasion of the tribes began to developments in this area can be said that since starting the built-edit.
Agility migrated into Anatolia "PHRYGIANS" later "Misyalılar" People are considered to be the first resident of Kocaeli. Kocaeli peninsula called a break in the Ottoman period "TİNYALILAR", then "BİTHİNYENLER" seizing BC In 378 "BİTHİNYEN" established the kingdom. Darıca in this kingdom, the foundation said. After the connection of the Roman Empire State Pelekonon kingdom bit for the war in 1329 the management of the Byzantines was Darıca up, the Byzantine ruler III. Pelekonon ANDRANİKOS'un in June 1329 by the Ottoman Sultan Orhan, at a place called the domination of the Ottoman Empire was defeated uğratılınca Darıca. Timur defeated by Sultan Yıldırım Beyazıt Ankara War of 1402 Transfer of six sons interregnum between the Ottoman throne Prince Süleyman Çelebi launched in order to provide self-support for the board to rest its Gebze, Hereke, Eskihisar, Danca'yı gave the Byzantine Empire. So again, which was dominated by the Byzantine commander Gazi Mehmed Darıca re-conquered by the Ottoman Empire joined Timurtaşoğlu Umurbey. Sultan Mehmed conquered this land was the foundation Bursa poor catering. Darıca'daki part of the land bought and sold through this foundation.
Between the First World War and the War of Independence 1914-1921 Darıca exposed to some of the minorities and indigenous gangs looting, they (young Leo's), etc.. 28 April 1921 Darıca Greek and British troops in the invasion of occupied constructive Shakir, who lived at a young age, occupations, immigration began here Danca'da Turks living in the Üsküdar, Eagle, represents Tavşancıl'a settled. 26 June 1921, the withdrawal of the occupation forces Darıca Darıca'ya returned again states that the Turks migrated. Vigilante native Greeks in the War of Independence (Little Leo Miller) 's Darıca to suppress negative region (the Great Lion's) Black Lion, Tiger Albanian Network (Kaplan Sönmez Star) merged with the National Forces of Liberation Struggle Danca'nın contributed.


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