If the athlete who breaks the world record in the International Darıca Semi Marathon which will be organized by Daraca Municipality this year will be awarded 50 thousand dollars.

A press conference was held for the promotion of the 6th International Daraca Half Marathon to be held on Sunday, October 15, 2017. Meeting held at Darıca Municipality Teras Cafe Social Facilities hosted by Mayor Şükrü Karabacak Kocaeli Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Muzaffer Çintımar, Darıca Police Director Hasan Aydoğan, Darica District National Education Director İsmail Oğuz, Kocaeli Gazeteciler Cemiyeti Chairman Çetin Gürol, Darıca District Sports Hikmet Tatoglu, the director, and the first marathon in Darıca, National Atlet Bekir Karayel participated.

Muzaffer Çintımar, the Provincial Director of Kocaeli Youth Services and Sports, who made the opening speech of the press conference, "I would like to thank Mayor Şükrü Karabacak, who carried out the International Darıca Half Marathon which is one of the most important organizations of our country. Representing our city in the international arena, the Yaraca Half Marathon is one of the most colorful, beautiful organizations of our city. "


Speaking after Muzaffer Çintımar, Kocaeli Youth Services and Sport Provincial Director, Duzica Mayor Şükrü Karabacak said "Our city is the biggest target in the International Darıca Semi Marathon, which is a big contributor to the presentation of our country. We have no minus in this matter. In order to follow the marathon, a monitoring team from Europe will come and I believe that we will pass the bronze category according to the report they will give. We have the power to achieve this. I hope that there are 4 races in the category of European Bronze in half marathon International Docker Half Marathon will be race 5. Our marathon has great interest and popularity from domestic and abroad. I think that 8 thousand people will participate in the people's run, one of our biggest goals is to increase the number of participation by 20 thousand.

President Şükrü Karabacak also underscored that the athletes who will break the world record in marathon will give awards of 50 thousand dollars. Karabacak has also stated that he has enrolled 1200 elite athletes from 10 countries to the World and European level for the International Dockers' Semi-Marathon which will be organized this year and which will be started in the Republic Square.

The athlete who is 1st in the marathon will be awarded 5 thousand, 2nd athlete is 3 thousand 3. 3rd athlete will be awarded 2 thousand dollars. The Turkish athletes will be awarded 5 thousand for the 1st marathon, 4 thousand for the 2nd Turkish athlete and 3 thousand for the 3rd Turkish athlete. Within the scope of the International Darıca Half Marathon, 3 km of people run will be realized.


President Karabacak marathon is scheduled to be held on the evening of the evening, adding Soner Sarıkabadayı will meet with Daraca'lılarlarının loved by all the citizens of the marathon excitement to be common and invited to a concert. At the end of the program President Karabacak, protocol members and journalists records, journalists pressed for the marathon press retirement was given .

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