Public Running


(Each finisher will receive a t-shirt and a commemorative medal.)

  • Bib number must be pinned to the front of the competition vest with the four safety pins delivered during registration. No one will be allowed to participate without a bib number.


  • Bicycles, skates and wheeled vehicles will not be allowed on the course.


  • Explosive and flammable materials, cutting and drilling tools will not be allowed on the course.


  • The time limit for all participants is 2:30 hours. The traffic will be opened at 12:00. 





Please carefully read the following instructions!


  • Please be examined before the race.


  • People who have respiratory tract and heart disease should not participate in the race.


  • Participants should have slept well and had enough rest.


  • Please wear socks with your running shoes. Rubbing cream on toes prevents blisters that may occur after running.


  • Please leave the race if you have health problems during the race, and ask for medical assistance from health officers.


  • In the race morning, have your breakfast early and avoid acidic and alcoholic beverages.


  • Precautions: Three ambulances and a medical team will be available during the race, and the hospitals along the race course will be alerted for possible emergency cases.






  • Participants will be transported to the start area in front of the Darıca Municipal Services Building by the buses departing from the train station from 07:30 to 08:30.


  • There will be buses in front of Mc Donalds Çayırove from 07:30 to 08:30.


  • A bus will start from Istanbul Burhan Felek Athletics Stadium at 07:00.


  • A bus will start from Kocaeli Perşembe Pazarı at 07:00.





  • Do not bring money, watch and other valuables with you.


  • The Organizing Committee is not responsible for lost valuables. The


  • Organizing Committee deems that all participants have read and accepted the rules of the event. 



© 2018 Darıca Yarı Maraton l Darıca Half Marathon l Darıca Halb Marathon Copyright © 2013
© 2018 Darıca Yarı Maraton l Darıca Half Marathon l Darıca Halb Marathon Copyright © 2013