Date of Application


07.09.2017 – 14.10.2017


Bib Numbers:


Each participant will receive one bib number from the Marathon Stands to be set up at the Darıca Media House, from 09:00 to 18:00 on Saturday, October 14th and from 07:00 to 08:30 on Sunday, October 15th. Bib number must be pinned to the front of the competition vest with the four safety pins, also to be delivered at the Marathon Stand. Entries for the Public Race will be accepted and bib numbers will be distributed from the city-wide stands in Kocaeli.


For those who will not be able to collect their race packs themselves, an authorised person who presents a copy of the identification card or a copy of the passport of the participant can collect them.



Timing Chip:


Each participant will receive one timing chip from the Marathon Stands to be set up at the Darıca Media House, from 09:00 to 18:00 on Saturday, October 14th and from 07:00 to 08:30 on Sunday, October 15th. The timing chip must be attached to the running shoe by tying with the shoelace. The runners without chips cannot be timed. 


Attention: The timing chip must be checked by the participant during the receipt. The number of the chip must be corresponding with the bib number.



T-shirt and medal:


Participants may collect their race t-shirts and commemorative medals from the stands to be set up after the competitions.





Bib number is not transferable. Leaving the race course, shortening the distance and transferring the bib number to another person will result in disqualification.



Time Limit:


The time limit for all participants is 2:30 hours. The traffic will be opened at 12:00. After this time, the runners still on the course may continue running on the sidewalks.



Race Course and Time:


Start Area 

Both the Half Marathon and the Public Race will start in front of the Darıca Municipal Services Building.



Half Marathon start time: 09:30


Public Race (3km) start time: 09:45


Finish Line

Half Marathon will finish at the Republic Square.

Public Race will finish in front of Halk Bankası.


Transport to Competition Venue:


There will be buses at the following points to transport the participants to the start area on the race day:


From Darıca Train Station, from 07:30 to 08:30,


In front of Mc Donalds Çayırova, from 07:30 to 08:30,


From Istanbul Burhan Felek Athletics Stadium at 07:00,


From Kocaeli Perşembe Pazarı at 07:00.


Further, two buses will operate from Istanbul Kartal Metro Station Exit-3 (Kadıköy direction) and Exit-2 (Pendik direction) at 07:30 and 08:15 as well as a bus from Merter starting at 06:00.


The Organizing Committee does not provide parking lot at the competition venue. 



Personal Belongings:


Participants can leave their belongings in the dedicated tents to be set up at the Republic Square. Dressing booths in the same area can be used for changing clothes. Participants are recommended not to bring money, watch and other valuables with them. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for lost valuables. The Organizing Committee deems that all participants have read and accepted the declaration on the registration form.



Water and sponge stations:


5km Water Station


7.5km Sponge Station


10km Water Station


12.5km Sponge Station


15km Water Station


17.5km Sponge Station


20km Water Station





Bathrooms will be available at the start and finish areas.



First Aid:


3 ambulances will be deployed throughout the course, and a hospital tent will be established at the finish area.  

WARNING: The ambulances will serve only those who have to leave the race due to health problems. A separate vehicle will be dedicated for the runners quitting the race.






Trophies will be awarded to the winners. Organizing Committee is not responsible for the trophies not collected within six months.



Rear Vehicle:


A vehicle will follow the last runner during the race in order to collect the runners quitting the race.



Health-Related Recommendations:


Please be examined before the race. People who have respiratory tract and heart disease should not participate in the race. In the race morning, have your breakfast early and avoid acidic and alcoholic beverages. Please wear socks with your running shoes. Please leave the race if you have health problems during the race, and ask for medical assistance from health officers.



Conditions of Participation:


Athletes born in 1999 or earlier and with proper training can participate in the Half Marathon. There is no age limit for the Public Race.



Limitations on the organization:


Darıca Half Marathon is a running event where pets as cats and dogs, or bicycles, motorcycles, roller skates, or any other wheeled vehicles are not allowed to participate. The organizer of the event is the Municipality of Darıca. Participants must be wearing the appropriate sports clothing.


Note: Participants finishing in the top three in masters classification and overall rankings at the same time will receive both prizes.


World record prize of $ 50,000 will be paid after confirmed by the IAAF and AIMS.



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© 2018 Darıca Yarı Maraton l Darıca Half Marathon l Darıca Halb Marathon Copyright © 2013